The village house is a restored cultural monument dating back from 1537. It has three bedrooms, one of which with separate beds. Each room has its own bathroom. The house includes Jacuzzi and Infrared Sauna. There is a fully equipped living room with kitchen, as well as TV+DVD and WiFi. The house is heated by the fireplace and Air Conditioners in every room. The yard is typical for an old village house including a barbecue and a furnace.... more ...

Price per night for the whole house:

  • Without food: €150 (whole house rent per night)

Additional services: Jacuzzi (included in the price), Sauna (included in the price), Wi Fi (included in the price), Massages , Walk with a cart, Picnic, Picking of herbs, mushrooms, walnuts, Home canning, Ochestra (traditional Bulgarian songs and dances) - traditional dance lessons, Hunting, Fishing, Natural landmarks' marathons/long walks, Horseback riding, Rock climbing and cave visiting, A visit in the house-museum of Zahari Stoqnov, A walk in Jeravna, Kotel and other landmarks.


Преводи и легализация