You probably are already wondering where exactly the location is. Medven is located in Eastern Mountain Stara Planina, 13 km away from Kotel. There are two theories for the origin of the name. One of them is based on old travelogues that speak about “big black bears crossing the forests around”. The other stands on the assumption that Medven comes from the Bulgarian word “med”, in translation honey, as the beekeeping industry in this region is quite developed. Medven is considered a small village – approximately 300 houses. 104 of them are recognized to be cultural monuments as most of them have been built around 150 years ago and have been preserved in an amazingly good shape. The most famous house is the one owned by the revolutionary Zahary Stoyanov and the play-writer Stoyan Bachvarov. During winter the population of Medven is around 100, during summer – not more than 250.

Despite the fact the village is quite inhabited, the silence that will compel you is fascinating. There you could be disturbed only by the morning crow of a rooster at an early hour. There will be only you and the whispering elm-trees, talking about legends old as the mountains. If you try listening, you will hear stories about revolutionaries wandering and planning the liberation of a dismembered country, stories about enlighteners going from house to house with books containing forbidden at that time language and rumors about hidden treasure in the backyard. In such a delightful place you have no option but to plunge into the magical world and forget about everything else.

What surprises does the Fiikova house hold for you? Maybe while burrowing in a bookcase you will find a cache with hidden treasures. What is the history of this house indeed?

Fiikova house was the house of a teacher. From the beginning of the century Stancho Fiikov, a local teacher until 1921, and Dimo Fiikov, director of the local school, were living in this house. Later, in the Fiikovi family, two generations of medics were born, the last of which carries the name of his grand grandfather – Stancho Fiikov. He is one of the first mayors of Kotel, elected by democratic votes. According to a very old legend, when Fiikovi bought the house, they found a crock jug, sealed with a resin top. In spite of the many attempts to open the jug without breaking it, the owners of the house did not succeed in finding out what it contained, and then decided to bury it back under the ground. Soon after that, a furnace for bread has been built on top of the buried jug. Until today under the furnace, there is a buried jug full of mysteries that has preserved the spirit of the house, reminding that the most exciting things stay invisible.

Nevertheless the house successfully combines the aged spirit of Medven and all contemporary conveniences. Modern kitchen appliances, infrared sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, plasma TV sets with DVD in each room are stylishly designed along with a fireplace, stone floor, furnace surrounded by exotic antique traditional instruments (swap hook, yoke, chuturite, rifle, gas lamp, etc.), used for centuries by the people for their daily routine work. The old authentic façade of the house as well as the interior arrangement of the rooms are perfectly preserved. Three double luxuriously furnished rooms, living room and a kitchen with an exit to the yard. While you are experiencing one of your calmest and happiest moments next to the fireplace, you can enjoy the silence in a state that you will not find anywhere else. Fiikova house is for people that have decided to grant themselves with those unforgettable moments that will be happily remembered, as well as to those of us that are not afraid to call themselves joyful.

The house dates back from the year 1537 and includes a total of three bedrooms one of which has two separate beds. Each room has a unique interior design with its own bathroom.

If you also want to enjoy some beautiful nature sights make sure you hike 2km away from the village to the gorgeous waterfalls of Medvenska river – “The Blue Spring”, “The Small Jump” and “The Big Jump”, where you will have the opportunity to extract pleasure from the wild, virgin nature. There is a marked route that can guide you through the most stunning places in the area.

You can have a trip to the renaissance town Kotel as well. The town along with the village of Jeravna, has preserved many traditions of local crafts and is famous for its authentic architecture and the many cultural museums and churches.

While walking around Medven, stop, talk and listen to the people’s ordinary stories. Ask about the legends of the village and enter in one of the many cultural houses in order to experience customs of the 19th century in the history of our country. Feel the spirit of the village, as it is one of the few authentically preserved villages in Bulgaria from the Renaissance. Make sure you do not forget to take a look around for white swallow. Along with the stories that we have heard a hundred times and yet we enjoy listening to them over and over again is the one for the white swallow that was born in Medven about 10 years ago, as if only to prove that there are no stories told by chance.

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